7 reasons why branded email is important for a small business

Does your small business have a branded email? If not, you can’t believe how much you have been missing! Consider having something like this [email protected] It’s neither expensive nor difficult to set up!

Here, we give you top seven reasons you should consider adopting this highly beneficial strategy as possible.


Communication is a critical tool for business success. The manner in which you communicate with your customers depicts a lot as far as your level of professionalism is concerned. Note that consumers value a certain level of professionalism as it shows how serious you handle your affairs – including the effectiveness of your product/service.

When a prospective customer is making an initial contact with your company, he will use your professionalism to gauge the nature of customer service he or she can expect. As such, small businesses need to pay utmost attention to how they communicate with their existing customers as well as prospects.

The first thing that prospective customers or business partners should come into contact with should not be a business mail hosted by one of the numerous free services available. It not only sends the wrong message, but it also puts them off! They immediately wonder if you are serious enough about your business if you cannot do something as small as buying a domain name and using it to set up your accounts.

Simplified management

This strategy allows for a centralized management. It makes it easy for you to handle all the incoming communication. As such, the chances of missing out on important incoming emails – something that could cost your organization profitable business – are reduced significantly. Anyone who has ever lost business just because they didn’t see emails of potential customers knows how bad the situation is especially for small businesses.

Another way that businesses benefit from branded emails is having the ability to set up several addresses within the platform. This means that a business can have an address for different departments or divisions such as inquiries, sales, services, and marketing and so on and so forth. This advantage has the potential to take your business to another level due to improved communication between employees and the customers.

Improves deliverability of messages to subscribers

There are various challenges associated with email marketing, one of them is ensuring deliverability. Apparently, crafting a compelling subject title and message is never enough. Brands must go the extra mile of ensuring that the emails they send to their subscribers do not go straight to the spam folder.

In many instances, messages from branded emails pass the spam filters successfully. Note that, branded emails are a great way of increasing both open rates and click through rates – two other huge challenges that brands encounter on a daily basis. Small businesses that invest in branded emails spare themselves some of these challenges associated with marketing.

Increased security

Branded emails offer the benefit of more security and peace of mind compared to free accounts. Even with the many benefits that the Internet has on small businesses, cyber threats are real. As such, small businesses must pay utmost attention to ensure the effectiveness of their cyber security strategies.

Businesses should stay as far away as possible from free hosted accounts. They have a history of getting hacked as they present a massive target to miscreants. On the other hand, branded emails tend to be more secure as far as hacking is concerned.

Paid for business emails usually, come with spam-filtering subscriptions. These subscriptions help in weeding out dangerous and unwanted emails. Further, the blacklist option lodged into the platform prevents spam addresses from sending you emails over and over again.

Privacy is almost always guaranteed, and most importantly, the business owners need not worry about losing their accounts and all the important information contained therein – like is the case with free accounts. It is imperative to understand that free providers of these accounts may close your account without notice and in many instances, it’s almost impossible to get them to set them back. You don’t want to take the risk of losing sensitive company information.

You have a responsibility to entice clients and maintain a better reputation of your business by investing in a mail account. Secure branded mail must have an end to end encryption. Do not give spammers, hackers, and malware the opportunity to threaten the security and privacy of your business, customers, and other stakeholders.

Enhances brand image

Small businesses mustn’t miss opportunities capable of making their brands shine more than that of their competitors. Undoubtedly, a free account is enough to devalue your business significantly. On the other hand, when you have a branded mail, the image of your business improves automatically – in the eyes of the customers. In any case, it is never easy to create and send out customised emails that accurately represent your brand when using a free hosted account.

Branded emails increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s branding strategies. They show your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders that you pay attention to the image of the company. Since branded emails are memorable, customers become more familiar with your business. This familiarity comes with a wide array of benefits. For instance, it increases the trust they have in your brand. Over time, they become two things – loyal customers, and voluntary product/service ambassadors.

Easily converts employees to brand ambassadors

Paid for emails have opened up a wide array of branding techniques that business owners can implement with utmost ease.

Free accounts have one major disadvantage – they deny business owners or managers to add more than one user to a given account. Branded emails come in handy as far as alleviating this unfortunate limitation is concerned. Being in possession of a website permits the creation and management of an unlimited number of accounts with a lot of ease.

With this in mind, business owners should view this as an opportunity to create accounts for every employee using their name or their capacity in the company. This way, the members of staff become ambassadors of your brand with every message they send out.

Round the clock tech support

Branded emails allow you to enjoy tech support 24/7. Your web hosting provider will offer support via different channels such as live chat, telephone or via emails whenever you have issues. It also enhances security and safety of a business because you know that your data is backed up on the secured servers of your web hosting provider. As long as the best host is selected, small business owners are guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime.

The use of branded emails is one way through which small businesses can unlock the endless opportunities of growth and success associated with marketing – get started with powerful email provided by Microsoft 365 here