The A-Z of IT for start-ups

Starting a business is an aspirational dream for many people.

The good news is that it has never been easier to do so.

For people in a range of professions, all that’s required is a laptop with word-processing software, a mobile phone and an internet connection.

Once you have registered with the tax office, voila, you’re ready to invoice clients for your hard work.

But hold up.

Have you really thought of everything?

Or have you cut corners that you’ll only have to go back and fix when they become apparent later on down the line.

To get you thinking about what you need to consider from an IT perspective when starting a business, we’ve put together this A-Z list of essentials for start-ups.


Applications – Get the software that’s right for the job at the right price. You’ll need everything from the operating system to word processing and communications. And always keep them updated.

Broadband – It’s essential for the modern workplace (and/or a darn-good 4G plan).

Courage – It’s not easy to go out on your own. Take a risk and reap the rewards!

Data-storage – Data management practices are a fundamental aspect of running a business. Set it up right from the start. Be aware of the benefits of the cloud.

Energy – It’s not just to power your devices; your passion is the fuel of your business.

Finances – Too many businesses start without the necessary capital. Use your start-up funds wisely. Consider whether you need to buy hardware and software, or whether ‘as-a-service’ plans are right for you.

Game-plan – What’s your point of difference? What are you taking to market? What tools do you need to make your business a success? Write out a plan.

Help – At first, support from your friends and family. Independent IT integration companies can offer substantial advice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business.

Intelligence – A wide view and understanding of threats and opportunities that face your business, especially in the fast-moving space of information technology.

Judgement – Make the right choices early on to set up your long-term success.

Keep-Cup – you’ll be drinking a lot of coffee. Do your bit for the environment and get a re-usable coffee cup.

Laptops and devices – Along with other devices such as your phone and tablet, your laptop will free you up to work from any place, any time.

Mobility – Give yourself the capability to work from anywhere at any time.

Networks – Your network of supporters will help you succeed. So will putting your network on the cloud.

Office365 – The highly collaborative cloud-based word processing software suite from Microsoft that provides the tools for success for many small businesses.

Payroll – When it’s time to take on staff, consider solutions that make payroll as easy as a click of a button so you can focus on what you do best – driving your business.

Quality – Make sure your products or services stand out from your competitors.

Reach – Work on your digital marketing strategies to reach your local community, and the world, with your message.

Security – Thieves will no longer come through your front door, they’ll enter through your devices. A data breach can ruin a business. IT system security is non-negotiable for businesses of all sizes.

Transfers – Migrate your data to your business system without losing it.

Upkeep – Will you generate the cash flow to maintain access to the services you need?

Values – Establishing values for your business will help you make decisions about what direction to take, and who to work with. What difference will you make in the world?

Website – It’s the second-most trusted place for potential consumers to learn about your business (behind a referral from a friend). Make sure it’s well designed and has a professional domain name.

X-factor – What’s your value proposition and your competitive advantage?

Gen-Y – Market to them, prepare to hire them, do all you can to get to know them. Soon they’ll be the most in-demand workers and consumers. The first digital native generation, they intuitively understand IT and communications.

Zen – Sometimes you have to switch off, and relax.

There is much more to starting your business than these 26 words. Chat with our by visiting or calling to set up your IT system right from the ground up to create an efficient, secure and scalable business.