Managing Your Small Business Just Got 365 Times Easier

Running a small business can be a lot to handle sometimes. While big corporations may have a person that does x and a person that does y, we as small business owners with less (or no) employees generally don’t have that luxury. While a corporation may be big enough to move past mismanagement or mistakes, we as small business owners with less resources don’t have as much room for error. That is why it is so important for us to keep track of all areas of our business, day in and day out, and to be aware of what is going on at all times. After all, the devil is in the details. How do we so (stay organized ) while doing so efficiently, given the limited resources that we do have?

The answer is Microsoft 365 Business Standard. Many new apps make it even easier and more effective to run a business in the evolving world.


Microsoft Connections

Time is money, and money is money, too. That is why marketers love email so much. Emails are not only free to send, but can be sent to as many people as you want, all at once. Yet not all email marketing campaigns are created equal.

Microsoft Connections allows you to perfect your email marketing campaigns through attractive templates for different needs, such as newsletters, announcements, or customer referrals.

Even if you can technically send the same email to a limitless amount of recipients, that doesn’t mean that doing so would be a good idea from a marketing standpoint. For example, lets say that you have your own exercise gym. You probable have different messages you want to send to your current members about updates of hours of operations, to former members (enticing them to come back with upgrades) and potential members (about how your gym is better than the others). Microsoft connections allows you to create segments to more specifically target different groups of your campaigns.

A successful business is one that constantly adapts when it needs to. Yet, the only way to adapt is know what is working and what isn’t. Performance charts and subscriber activity updates track new sign-ups, new customers, offer redemptions, responses , and clicks. New sign ups for each email campaign can be tracked through interactive graphs and updates so that we can judge where we need to improvise.

We obviously want our email recipients to read our emails, and that is why it is important that they do not get marked as spam. There are many ways to lower the chances of your emails appearing in the spam folder. Microsoft Connections allows you to customize your emails to stop them from ending up as spam. One of them is to add an unsubscribe option.


Microsoft Listings

There are so many different places that we promote our businesses online that it sometimes becomes difficult to keep track of them all. I’m sure we all had that instance where we forgot to update a listing on one site and it just confused potential customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one central location where we could control our entire social media presence? Well, there is: Microsoft Listings. Instead of having to update your business hours constantly on Bing, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram individually, you can do so all at once through Microsoft Listings.

That does not mean that you have to have the same exact thing on every website that your business is on. While some content , such as location details, should remain constant across all of your different listings, other content should vary based on the structure and purpose of that specific website. Posts on Twitter are generally going to be much shorter than those on Facebook. Even if the content of our marketing does vary from website to the next, having it all in one place through Microsoft Listings is still very valuable. Just as

with emails, you can monitor user traffic and interaction with each of these listings. This can be particularly effective when it comes to constantly refining your media strategy across multiple media platforms. For example, if you want to see if a new marketing strategy will be effective, you could run it by one of your social media sites instead of them all to what the user response is and whether you should spread it throughout the rest of your online presence.


Microsoft Invoice

As much as us business owners might enjoy tending to our business, making money is also a priority, obviously. Microsoft Invoice tends to your billing needs, sending out invoices and estimates, and later, keeping track of their status. Invoice not only works with PayPal so that you can get paid easily, but also with Quickbooks, to ensure that records are kept accordingly. These can easily be transferred to your accountant. As small owners though, we don’t always have the means to have a professional accountant overlooking every detail of or operations every day. What makes this tool so valuable is that it is easy enough for anyone to use and understand (though consistent consultation with an accountant is still recommended).


Mile IQ

Mile IQ is a great tool for those whose business greatly relies on travelling, as it allows for tracking of mileage and distance. This can be particularly useful when needing to have reliable estimates of gas totals and time travelled for employee reimbursements and tax returns.


Microsoft 365 Business Center

Just as Connections, Listing, and Invoice are great at organizing and executing vital details of your business, the Business Center exists to organize all of them within one single framework.

No aspect of running a small business is easy, especially the constantly changing virtual aspect of it. Yet just as the online marketplace is evolving, so is Microsoft 365 Business Standard. New features equip you with the tools you need to succeed.