Protect your business with Office 365

A small business can’t afford to become a victim of data loss, be that from hardware and software faults, security issues or targeted attacks.  You may not be a globally known brand but small business remains a target, 43% of attacks target small business so the threats are real.  Office 365 helps you avoid these issues – here are a few ways.

Stolen (or lost) laptops, tablets and phones.

In an ideal situation, a business runs without danger of attacks or theft. However, we know that this perfect setting does not exist and that every business entity should be prepared to resolve any challenges they may face. Security of information comes to mind when we think about losing a device. For this reasons, it is advisable to create passwords, encrypt data and develop backup systems for the information held on remote devices.

Office 365 offers login options  such as two factor authentication to increase the difficulty to access data. Combined with biometric recognition such as fingerprint recognition and Windows Hello facial helps reduce the security threat that comes from others accessing information on a lost device. These features make it difficult for people to extract sensitive business information from stolen company devices.

Built in to Office 365 is remote wipe – with the press of a button a user or admin can wipe the device to remove sensitive work data, as the info is stored in the cloud when the user gets a new device or recovers their existing one the data can be repopulated quickly with no loss.  Of course if it is a concern that the employee is leaking data then the same remote wipe process can be followed with account blocks to prevent access.

Malware and Spam

Threats facing businesses today have increased exponentially as cyber criminals and competitors set out to destroy their rivals. Attacks occur in the form of malware infections and spam mail that target the weakest entities in organizations. Social engineering is a critical concern for businesses since it targets employees and tricks them into divulging sensitive material.

Office 365 promises us a clean, malware free and easy to navigate platform for our business mailing purposes. The Office 365 package also recognizes the potential threat of malicious links to its subscribers. Therefore, its protection tools focus on all attack modes in the form of spam, malicious links, and malware.  The built in protection is powerful and one can extend this by configuring transport rules, enabling email authentication and white/black lists.

Data Breaches

Data breach in an organization describes illegal access of sensitive company information. Spam and malware attacks often aim to obtain this form of information from an organization. Cyber criminals who are intent on illegally exploring company information often attack the cloud platform. For this reason, businesses tend to seek alternate or personalized solutions to their need for cloud-based operations.

In a small business setting, this is quite costly. However, Office 365 offers us a unique cloud experience where our data is secured on multiple encryption levels. For instance, BitLocker encryption (Windows PC’s) and SSL over HTTP encryption help secure data stored on disks. Therefore, attackers are kept at bay and cannot access this information.

Outsourced server solutions always pose a threat to businesses since they can are physically vulnerable leading to company data loss or breach. After reassurance of the robust framework used by Office 365, you might still be concerned about physical attacks on their servers. Office 365 is supported by data centers comprising the Microsoft Azure framework.

Therefore, securing Azure servers from physical attack should be a relief for business owners working with the Office 365 suite. The good news is that the actual location of these servers has remained undisclosed to the public, therefore reducing the possibility of a physical attack. As a small business.

Client data on is not able to be accessed for any reason and only utilizes customer information for product improvement. Here, we are assured of data security from Microsoft who facilitate the Office 365 Suite.

Other Security Features

Traditional data storage facilities store the organization’s operational information. Therefore, most companies do not store organizational data efficiently and turn to cloud solutions that are remarkably fast and easy to access. The cloud-based Office 365 suite offers us a variety of solutions for keeping our data safe from human and natural dangers such as loss in fire or device breakdown.

Loss of physical data at our business is resolved by utilizing the OneDrive cloud storage platform present in Office 365. The platform supports remote access from all locations through designated devices as per the security features installed. Therefore, employees can access company information while on the move which increases their productivity while saving time.

Recovering company operations after equipment upgrade or a disaster such as fire is expensive and time-consuming. Having a data backup on Microsoft’s OneDrive is reliable since it ensures that all our data is still valid and secure. However, the time and investment required to return to full operation are concerning for a small business.

The good news is that we can access Office 365 quickly from new devices provided we have the required security credentials. Other than protecting our company data, Office 365 allows us to chip in the analysis of malicious attacks enabling us to have an insight of the targeted structures in our system.


With Office 365, some security features are user-activated while the experts recommend others. Small business must adopt progressive operational tools that allow them to remain relevant in business. There are other programs and suites out there that claim to guarantee the security of your business’ data. From our analysis, we have found out that Office 356 beats the competition easily in the small business category. Given the trend in today’s markets, we should adopt Office 365 due to its data protection features and enjoy secure operations on the online platform.