Creates trust

Required by payment providers

Secures sensitive data

Supports search ranking gains

We make SSL Security simple

With Better Online you don’t need to worry about the details. Our platform and support team make sure that you can secure your site without in-house technical knowledge.


Fully automated set up and assisted support


Industry standard 2048 bit encryption


Builds customer trust and improves search marketing

We are committed to making your business better

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I knew about Office 365 but did not know that it included all the servers that I would need. I now use Office 2016 and Better Online got my emails migrated quickly. Thanks to OneDrive we have also turned off our file server which has saved more money.

Sandra H.

We moved across from our old email solution to Office 365 with the help of Better Online. They copied all the data across and we had things up and running quickly and without downtime, highly recommended.



We employ 22 staff; many are part timers with different hours of work each week. Even though I am substantially computer illiterate, payroll takes me only 45 minutes a week. It’s accurate and very flexible.