How the modern workplace unleashes innovation

A paradigm shift around the nature of work will deliver the next wave of productivity improvements for businesses and deliver key competitive advantages for emerging start-ups seeking to disrupt the status quo.

Advances in communications technology have opened up new ways of working – especially for knowledge workers – but too often, businesses are delaying the transition to the modern workplace.

Perhaps it is out of fear: how can staff be trusted to work if they’re not in an office under the supervision of a manager? Or it could be ignorance around the opportunity that exists to create a new system of work.

What people are beginning to realise is that work is a thing, not a place. Taking on this new view of work unlocks a range of possibilities for increasing innovation and productivity.

There are several enablers for this paradigm shift: affordable portable computing devices, high-speed wireless internet, new collaborative software, and affordable support services through independent IT integrators.

By creating the foundation for a new placeless working environment, businesses will unlock the creativity of their staff.

Creative workers thrive with flexible work

 A 2012 study out of Ohio University, The effects of telecommuting on productivity: An experimental examination – the role of dull and creative tasks found that creative workers achieved increased productivity working outside the office.

The author had the subjects perform dull and creative tasks both inside and outside a laboratory ‘office’ and recorded their productivity.

The results were clear: Subjects were 6-10% less productive outside the lab for dull tasks, while the students completing the creative tasks increased productivity by 11-20% compared to those inside the lab.

Creative workplaces, therefore, should open up opportunities for staff to work from places they feel more comfortable, and where their creative juices can flow.

Collaboration breeds innovation

The process-driven nature of creativity is often overlooked. Ideas emerge from rigorous thinking before they developed into actionable concepts.

The modern workplace is built on collaborative tools that allow staff to work together across time and space better than they have ever been able to in the past.

A recent study by professional services firm Deloitte found that collaboration is worth $46 billion to the Australian economy, and explicitly tied collaboration to innovation.

“Companies that prioritise collaboration are five times more likely to experience a considerable increase in employment and twice as likely to be profitable, and twice as likely to outgrow competitors,” says Deloitte.

What’s clear is those companies that don’t priorities collaboration lose out on the benefits of an innovative and creative new way of working that gives staff far more satisfaction.

Build your flexible workplace

Taking the first step to building a modern workplace where staff can focus on their job without the restriction of time and place is as simple as contacting an expert independent IT solutions provider.

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