6 benefits of flexible IT solutions

Adopting new technology at your business can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Things move so fast these days and trying to keep on top of it all can be overwhelming.

You’ve heard so much about how devices and mobile communications are changing the way business is done, so are you giving your staff the tools to be at their best?

Creating a flexible workplace where staff feel empowered with the latest technology (and the knowledge to use it) is a daunting task.

And how do you do this at an affordable price? That’s an important question for start-ups operating on a shoestring budget, as they also need to be able to scale-up fast when opportunity arises.

IT solutions providers have responded to the concerns of businesses keen to get the most out of the tech-driven workplace revolution with simple, scalable, effective and affordable plans.

Here are 6 positive outcomes that IT services focused on the modern workplace can deliver.

Cost optimisation

By merging most of your IT costs under a per-user, per-month plan, managing your financial reports will become substantially simpler.

Today’s leading integrated IT companies have packaged their services into simple plans that include a range of benefits, and the best ones have no lock-in contracts, perfect for businesses looking for scale.

Move IT costs from CapEx to OpEx

Computer software shouldn’t be a capital expense, so it’s smart to move it to the operational expenses portion of your cash flow statement.

Instead of outlaying big sums to buy the latest software and then wondering when you’ll have to do the same all over again, paying a monthly fee for a service, which also includes support, makes sense.

Financial flexibility

Add staff, or drop staff? Contract-free arrangements mean you can reassess your commitment on a month-to-month basis. This allows businesses to manage cash more effectively so that IT departments do not become financial black holes.

Accelerated refresh

Your business software will always be up-to-date. As soon as the latest update is rolled out by Microsoft, end-point operators can schedule the update on your own system and ensure that there is no productivity-busting down time during work hours or peak periods.

Staff are typically focused on their job, and, left to their own devices, will put off making updates, or not do them at all. This puts your data security at risk, reduces the efficiency of your PCs and devices, and prevents your team from working effectively together.

Employee satisfaction

Give your employees the power to work collaboratively anywhere, anytime with the best technology to suit their needs. They’ll enjoy a seamless work experience where they use less paper and communicate more effectively, anywhere, anytime. Your business will reap the benefits of increased productivity and loyalty.


Customer data has become a valuable asset for modern businesses. As such, data handling and security has become a front-of-mind issue to maintain the vital trust relationship between business and customer.
A data breach can be a business-destroying event for many businesses. By keeping track of devices, ensuring programs are updated and providing 24/7 support, independent IT providers can play a key role in maintaining the digital security of a business.

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